How to Make Money Online

Financial Betting

You spend so much time hunched over your computer, but there are actually a number of ways in which you could make some money as you do so.

The popularity of spread betting has exploded in recent years. This is a form of financial betting where you bet on the direction in which a market moves, and there are thousands of things on which you could place a wager. Trades can be as little as £1. You make a profit or loss on the number of points of the movement multiplied by your stake. The results can be dramatically good or bad, but proceeds are not subject to income or capital gains tax or stamp duty. A number of spread betting companies exist.

If you post a video to YouTube which includes an advert, you will receive a percentage of the money made. This can be accomplished through a product’s affiliate programme, and these can be found at Commission Junction. The amount per view is very low, but you could get rich if you produce something people want to watch and share and the video goes viral. The 56 second video, Charlie Bit my Finger made more than £100,000 for its creator. You will only be paid if the video makes more than £60. You can make more money if a video actually mentions a product. You can get noticed by making videos for free for a local business, after which other advertisers could well contact you.

You could sell stock photos at sites such as iStockPhoto. You can increase the likelihood of success by investigating what sells well.

Selling on ebay to make money

Items can be sold on eBay. Again, you should be particular about what you sell. Old laptops could be a goldmine, although they should be formatted to remove all of the previous owner’s data. You could go door to door in the nicer neighbourhoods of your town offering to profitably relieve people of unwanted items, and take a commission of at least 25 percent. Customers will be happy to rid themselves of old junk.

You could write articles. The largest website aiming to unite contractors with employers is Odesk. Another company – eHow pays a percentage of the ad revenue for articles. Often, the rate is only a dollar (65p) for 500 words, but some organisations pay as much as £15. If an article were very good, it could be submitted to a publication. Sites such as ODesk also have audio transcription jobs, although they don’t pay well.

Ebooks could also be written, and ebooks as short as 12 pages could make £65. The trick is to think of a subject people are desperate to know about. You should ask yourself when you or someone you know was in a situation where information could have saved much money or anguish.

Financial, legal and medical situations could be good bets.

Many local businesses have websites, but gain little benefit from them. Others have no website at all. If you can use WordPress and are knowledgeable of Search Engine Optimisation, you would be offering to do something of which a local business was not capable, and could make a proposal which was very attractive. If you get results, business will happily pay. You can find customers by going door-to-door.

If you are of an artistic bent, you could create logos or other designs for companies. 99 Designs is the most popular marketplace. Competition will be stiff.